11/04/2010 04:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Can "Lights Out" Bring the Light to Buffalo?

In my opinion, the Bills' recent acquisition of former San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman off waivers isn't great.

Many people will disagree with me on this, but what else is new?

My first issue is this: Several news outlets have reported that Merriman supposedly isn't happy to be heading to Buffalo. Until I see otherwise (like, via Twitter, which my Terrell took to to voice his happiness at being a Bill) 1) Then you don't deserve to be a Bill. 2) At least you have a job, since you're fond of the Hollywood lifestyle. (Which by the way you're going to have to get un-used to, since the closest you're going to get to that in B-Lo is Chippewa Street) 3) Until you bounce back from your injuries, you're overrated, so get over yourself and take your place on a team that is willing to accept your help, if you're willing to give it.

My second issue: Merriman comes with unsavory off-the-field shenanigans that we've been good at avoiding. I've heard teammates and coaching staff weren't jumping for joy at his activities off the clock. And his involvement with hotass mess Tila Tequila is enough to jade my entire opinion of him when he's not in uniform. She is clinically insane. Seriously, psycho. If you don't believe me, try to decipher what she's "writing" on

Merriman is a good football player; however, although we've got nothing to lose and are hungry for a win, I'm not sure if he's worth the baggage he comes with.

If we're going to talk about welcoming Merriman from a game perspective, though, it could be very positive for our quest to win a game. He's a Pro Bowler. He's familiar with the 3-4 formation. He's a solid pass rusher, which is an area we struggle in. If anything, he'll hopefully add that intimidation factor.

The Bills defense is excited about Merriman's addition, so I will be excited about it, and I can only hope he will return the sentiment. If not: it's on.