09/29/2010 12:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Former Bills QB Edwards now a Jaguar

Just one night after Trent Edwards found out he was being unexpectedly cut from the Bills, it was revealed he's already been picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Well that was fast.

The Jets reportedly made a play for him because Rex Ryan said he thought Edwards would have been a nice fit and helped them win games. Phew, dodged that bullet. Edwards doesn't deserve that kind of punishment... I mean, to be on a team where it's almost automatic that he'll spend most of his time on the bench. He could have rode that bus with Buffalo.

I know I ragged on him endlessly last season, during the offseason and at the beginning of this season, but I'm happy for him. He did TRY to get better, it just didn't happen and I never had any ill wishes toward him, I simply didn't feel he was right for us in our quest to actually win games this year. He deserves the chance to excel with a different team, hopefully in an environment that's more suited to him. The team's not doing great, although Garrard isn't terrible, but perhaps having a backup the team believes they can rely on will be a positive.

I guess the Bills will be seeing him a little sooner than they thought when he travels back to the Ralph Oct.10 to face the team that just dumped him. I hope the fans are nice to him-we got what we wanted, now let's move on.

Congrats, Trent. Good Luck. I'll hold on to the memories of seasons gone by and you do your thang down south-don't forget to wear sunblock, that Florida weather is a tad warmer than what you're used to.