It'd Be Nice to Squish the Fish

11/27/2009 11:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If we don't beat Miami on Sunday, I think I'll be ok. Don't all keel over at once now--this is all part of my new attitude and approach to the rest of the season. Last week's gameplay was incredibly encouraging and if the Bills can continue to improve, that's all I'm expecting and looking for. However, as I'm always an overzealous optimist, no pre-game post would be complete without grasping at a few reasons why we could win (anything is possible!)

1) The Bills play at home. The Ralph is always an advantage, especially against Miami who might not fare as well in the cold weather (Boo hoo, a game that's not sunny with mild temperatures? Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it...or in this case, forget the bridge and stay stranded without a clue what to do. That'd be a great scenario for us.)

2) Last week's game should have easily been a win in the bag, yet we were plagued by careless penalties and that win just slipped through our fingers. However, I think the noticeable improvement in everyone's playing (Fitzpatrick, Terrell, defense) should be directly attributed to Perry Fewell's first week as interim head coach. Now he's got a second week under his belt so things should have gotten even better. Perhaps better enough to end our losing streak and Miami's winning streak?

3) Safeties Jairus Byrd and George Wilson have emerged as dominant players that make an impact, good for at LEAST one interception a game. Our struggling run defense fared better against the Jags than it has all season. That could be a good sign for Sunday's game when it must stifle Ricky Williams, who racked up 250 yards in Miami's 38-10 win earlier this season.

4) So, it seems that one thing the Bills are superbly good at is getting injured. Rookie OL Eric Wood suffered a gruesome broken leg last week and Seth McKinney was put on injured reserve because of meniscus damage. Thus, the O-line is shuffled yet again and former Patriot Kendall Simmons will be part of the starting lineup. Changes to the O-line are virtually irrelevant since all our OLs don't seem to be catching on to the fact that their job is to protect against the pass rush, so you never know, this could actually be a change that turns out for the better. Probably not, but here's to dreaming.

5) If Fitzpatrick can throw another 297-yard game (I mean, I'd even take a little less than that...or more) and our WRs can get in the endzone again (without the reversing penalties) and Jackson is used instead of Lynch, we could see a decent amount of points on the board. Are you listening Fewell?

You may all applaud my maturity, positivity and rationality now.