05/18/2010 02:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

When is a Blog, Not Just a Blog?

A video from Inveneo, one of the organizations involved in the Haiti ReWired blog.

Evan Hanson from Haiti ReWired said something that really stood out to me recently in an interview.
He said and I quote,

" We think of ourselves as a media company that's publishing stuff and the idea of community to the media industry as a whole, while not new, is one of the things that interactive media is forcing us all to confront, 'What is it to be a media company?' We are not just publishers, we are hubs for communities to form and for individuals to communicate amongst themselves and we are learning this as we go."

"Interactive" is the buzz word and many publishers see the recent release of the iPad as a sign that magazines and newspapers better face the fact that people are interested in participating and controlling how they receive their information.

Gone are the days of passive audiences. Just look at any online publication to see the comments section grow to be larger than the actual article.

Wired, a popular publication reporting on how technology interacts and effects culture and vice versa since 1993, decided to step up to the plate after the Haiti earthquake and utilize their "community/readership" to try and help Haiti rebuild.

They created a blog called Haiti ReWired using the Ning network and invited people to join and bring their ideas and skills together to help the people of Haiti.

My previous piece on Creative Commons began the discussion of how information, photography, technology and other creative content can be shared in a time of crisis without worry of copyright infringement. Haiti ReWired is a successful example of individuals, companies and organizations joining forces for a common cause, in this case the disaster relief and subsequent rebuilding of Haiti.

Haiti ReWired - Evan Hansen interview by Amanda Lin Costa

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