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Amanda Reiman

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Going Rogue: U.S. Attorneys in California Defy Obama on Medical Marijuana

(29) Comments | Posted November 18, 2013 | 9:01 AM

Last week, the Alameda County (CA) Board of Supervisors passed a resolution asking the Federal government to, "end Federal interference on the municipal and state laws allowing medical marijuana, and... requests that President Obama begin a discussion about the potential benefits of reforming federal laws on marijuana use...

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Weed More Likely Than Rape or Murder to Get an Undocumented Immigrant Detained

(2) Comments | Posted October 10, 2013 | 12:02 PM

As with any policy shift, the gradual regulation of marijuana in the United States will have implications for a wide variety of populations. Indeed, the removal of marijuana from the criminal justice system has already started. However, like the recent shift in marriage policies to allow same...

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Imagining Rational Drug Policy: If You Build It, It Will Come

(65) Comments | Posted August 26, 2013 | 5:17 PM

Lately we have been hearing a lot about this "tipping point" we have reached in the War on Drugs. A time when public opinion is shifting and leaders, legislators and others are changing the way the conversation is had. This began when newly appointed Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske

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What a Difference 24 Hours Makes for Marijuana Policy Reform

(81) Comments | Posted August 2, 2013 | 11:17 AM

It's been quite a 24-hour period for marijuana policy reform.

On both the national and international level, marijuana prohibition is being slowly chipped away. Thursday, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed HB1 into law, making Illinois the 20th U.S. state, plus Washington, D.C. to establish a

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Don't Fire Teachers for Private Marijuana Use

(5) Comments | Posted June 28, 2013 | 6:46 PM

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Behind a veiled claim of protecting the public, collateral sanctions continue to be heaped upon those arrested for using drugs. While these policies may be well intentioned, they are creating an inter-generational chain reaction that unjustly impacts entire communities for decades...

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How to Lie With Statistics

(52) Comments | Posted June 10, 2013 | 2:36 PM

The definition of propaganda is, "Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. The dissemination of such information as a political strategy." When it comes to information about drug use, the government is famous for...

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Drug Policy: Tipping Into Tikkun

(5) Comments | Posted May 8, 2013 | 6:10 PM

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus who lived in the 6th Century BCE around the same time the Israelites returned to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity, famously said, "The only constant is change." He saw the world as an ongoing process governed by a law of change and unified...

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Adequate and Well-Controlled Studies Proving Medical Efficacy of Cannabis Exist but Are Ignored by Marijuana Schedulers

(36) Comments | Posted April 15, 2013 | 3:40 PM

After a 40-year battle over the placement of marijuana in Schedule I, the U.S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, ruled in January on the most recent petition to reschedule marijuana in the case of AMERICANS FOR SAFE ACCESS (ASA) v. DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION (DEA). The court ruled that...

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Reefer Madness Redux: If You Smoke It, You Will Become Addicted!

(240) Comments | Posted January 18, 2013 | 12:04 PM

In recent weeks, we have seen a shift in how drug war proponents are talking about marijuana. No longer able to convince the public that people who use marijuana should go to jail, they are singing a new tune; they should all go to treatment. This is a shift we...

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Will It Play in Peoria? The Importance of Respecting the Will of the Voters With Marijuana Laws

(9) Comments | Posted December 11, 2012 | 6:18 PM

Recently, the citizens of Colorado and Washington made a decision about how their respective states should regulate marijuana. And, since the citizens of these states have made this decision, the state and local governments have responded by ceasing arrests for those in compliance if the new laws, dismissing...

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Please Think of the Children, and Legalize Marijuana

(72) Comments | Posted December 3, 2012 | 6:26 PM

When Michael Saffioti's mother suggested that he turn himself in to the Lynnwood Police Department for missing a court date related to a minor marijuana violation, surely she thought the 22 year old would get a slap on the wrist. She could not have imagined that her...

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75 Years of Racial Control: Happy Birthday Marijuana Prohibition

(220) Comments | Posted September 28, 2012 | 1:13 PM

"There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others."- Harry Anslinger, first Drug Czar.

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Incrimination Without Representation: The Silence of the Senate on Medical Marijuana

(23) Comments | Posted September 4, 2012 | 9:32 AM

As Democrats gather for the National Convention to banter back and forth about the issues most important to Americans, one platform that is conspicuously absent is the Federal crackdown on medical marijuana.

Legal in 17 states, plus Washington, D.C. and on the ballot in three additional states this...

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