10/09/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dems: Damn the Torpedoes and Take No Prisoners

The conventions are over. So now, my Democratic friends and allies, it's time to arrest McCain's bump. It's time to take out the big guns. Time to dispatch the battle tanks and set sail the fleet. Time to stop the niceties about oh, how John has been a good friend and a hero. We've heard every detail by now.

McSame is committing grand larceny... stealing the "change" message. He's throwing the wool over voters' eyes. He's pretending that the he's not the latest GOP fox in the henhouse. Hiding behind the skirts of Sarah Palin, the GOP is swift-boating the truth once again. And Democrats should be ready with an overwhelming counterattack.

That McCain/Palin pig (with pink lipstick) can't fly, and it shouldn't defy the colossal weight of eight years of Bush failures both at home and abroad.

Last week, The Daily Show had every juicy conceivable line of attack against McCain/Palin. John Stewart even had the best potential Obama commercials -- juxtaposing McCain and Bush as if Bush had McCain sitting on his lap -- lip sinking every one of Bush's failed promises to the American people, as if the two were in lockstep. Memo to Obama Campaign -- hire those Daily Show producers!

Gov. Palin is beginning to sound like a disciple of political double-speak -- skirting the truth of her embrace of earmarks and the so-called bridge to nowhere -- as her Pentacostal beliefs filter out on the internet. It is disturbing to watch the actual videos from her church. She sounds like a person who apparently shares a Rev. Wright-like penchant for outlandishness from the pulpit that should cause any reasonable voter to take a serious look. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her small town values... there is something quite wrong with her small town beliefs that may conjure up intolerance to anyone who may not share her hard-core conservative Christian beliefs.

So, what to do?

1. If Hillary is uncomfortable taking Gov. Palin dead on, well, then, Barbara Boxer and Claire McCaskill and other "take no prisoner" Democratic female surrogates should be hitting the airways hourly. Sen. Boxer was terrific yesterday on Late Edition. She had every anti-McCain and Palen fact down cold, and her machine-gun like delivery hit the target dead on. Tailor talking points to focus on the issues that women care about, like health care, education, job opportunity, social and economic security.

2. Get the fact sheets out on the McCain-Palin embrace of the Bush/Cheney record. They should be air-dropped (internet and airplane!) into every battleground state. I have yet to see a succinct factual rebuttal in straight-forward form that can easily be distributed and absorbed by every Democratic activist from California to New Hampshire.

3. The campaign should be drafting bullet-proof op-eds/and letters to the editor to be signed by surrogates well-armed with armour piercing facts that rebut the McCain change/reform message.

4. Narrow down into pure simple detail the Obama/Biden economic message. What are the 10 things that the Democrats are going to do to create jobs, solve the housing crisis, make college education affordable, make health insurance a reasonable reality. Voters deserve to know the basics and not be overwhelmed with the small print. Get it out to every Democratic precinct captain or as a direct mailer to independent voters.

5. Keep up a steady barrage highlighting McCain's country-club tax plan, and its special giveaways to favored corporate recipients. Middle class Americans will be furious if they learn that McCain is preparing another tax-giveaway to the unneedy.

6. If Karl Rove were working for Democrats, he would be plotting every conceivable way to cause the legendary McCain temper to rear its ugly head right there in front of the national media.

7. Get the surrogates well trained to jump on conservative talk radio. Geared to do battle, and well-armed with bullet-proof points to defend the Obama/Biden record; and ready to take on McCain's record. Avoid wasting ammunition over Gov. Palin. Let the press handle her. She may have been a game-changer, but McCain will be making the decisions, not her.

8. Attack McCain's foreign go-it-alone reckless policy plans. Mobilize the Democratic generals and admirals supporting Obama and McCain to hit the conservative talk radio circuit that independents listen to. McCain will take Bush-Cheney unilateralism to a new, even more reckless level. His foreign policy will isolate America even further, and bring even greater dissatisfaction for the United States among our existing and potential allies abroad. Independents don't want four more years of Bush-Cheney policies that have undermined our image and stature abroad.

So that's my partial, unsolicited Order of Battle. Nothing innovative. Nothing that hasn't been in the arsenal before. But time's awastin!