10/22/2008 07:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain/Palin Supporters = Country LAST

White people. Not particularly a widespread term all over the country, but it's certainly not a completely foreign word to Americans either. It's slang. If you go to places like Montana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kansas chances are you will meet a lot of them (white people, that is).

I don't have anything against my own race (I'm about as pale skinned as white people come), but I'm not particularly proud of the ones who use it as a status, or a leverage against others. No one has a family that goes back to medieval times in Akron, Ohio. Only Native Americans can claim any solid roots in the midlands and I'm pretty sure they would be considered 'colored' to the Republicans, who have been shooed into gated communities or as we politely call them, Reservations. That being said, America is built on the understanding that everyone here is from a different nation all striving for a peaceful democracy. Italians, Irish, French, German... it's so easy to pass for white and truly, down-home American. Anyone with a skin color or ethnic background must be evil, or at least attached to evil. Un-American. A dark-skinned Sicilian? Mmmm, okay, but the neighborhood is liable to put them under observation for awhile to make sure no 'ethnic Guinea' behavior starts to come out. White is boring and boring is responsible. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee... they are 'wild' and clearly considered radical.

I'm pretty sure Republican White People were counting on Barack to have more 'ethnic' markings: tribal dancing tapes, or maybe shots of him in a cave with a bunch of AK-47s, or maybe him and Michelle in a Black Panthers protest. What they weren't counting on, to their chagrin, was one thing: Barack Obama couldn't be more of a boring, intellectual guy. He clearly was that smart guy in class who was cute, but too blah to actually date. There's Michelle, a girl who was too busy going to school to keep her grades to stay there to get knocked up at the age of 20. Their vacations look boring; you can tell they have house rules; and you can also tell their girls won't get their own phone lines until they have a small job to pay the bill. They clearly have commonplace values, they don't have deep reaches into billion dollar companies or executive control over a small state. However, here's a guy who is mocked by Governor Palin for being a community leader, one of the most American things that can possibly exist! Here's a guy who has only known Hawaii and Illinois as his home, yet is called a terrorist by Governor Palin to create a parallel in white peoples' minds to Al Qaeda. To anyone educated, this shows she has nothing but condescending feelings towards her white people supporters, These idiots will think if I have the audacity to utter 'terrorist' he really must be and they probably won't even research it!

Sadly, she's right about her white people. I say her white people because there is an entire other fifty percent of white people who don't fall for any of this 'Joe Six Pack' crap. I love a six pack, but I really enjoy a non-racist American neighborhood.

I really enjoy the fact that, unlike other second and third world countries, there isn't a huge amount of poverty stricken people and then a meager wealthy class. I'm proud there is a middle class that lives better than the average 'masses' of other countries. But will it stay that way? Do Sarah Palin and the Republicans want it to stay that way?

I'm leaving John McCain out of this because I don't see him and Sarah as equals. As a Senator he has worked much harder and is more bi-partisan that she will ever be. John McCain has seen the world; Sarah has read about it and watched TV specials about it. The Republican Party chose her to get Hillary supporters, and that's fair. While a fair and calculated move, it is not smart. And I'm not simply talking about the fact that she might lose them the election - she might lose the Americans this country. This woman is a sweet mother of five (possibly six), who has not experienced much outside of the comfort of her own removed state but has 'read all of the publications' to keep her in touch with what America is. That is absolutely ludicrous. Raising children is not a joke; these are people, not puppies. She has never traveled abroad to other countries, even on vacation! She has no broad perspective. She hasn't tasted the fear of what it's like to experience a layover in a Turkish airport, accidentally leave your gate and wander into the Turkish country, around armed guards with rifles, breathing a sigh of fear while a kid with an oozy looks over your ticket as if he might detain you. She speaks with arrogance and know-how and speaks to a bunch of white people who have never left their hometowns either. They preach about American flags, six pack beers and talk about how three of their cousins were sent to Iraq who never came home - yet they are the first to entertain an incumbent of ignorant notions. These include bills that protect the ten percent of the wealthy, buy into radical Evangelical and white supremacy theories and sentiments that are delivered in the form of 'conservative' labels and initiatives. I hear intelligent, well-formulated arguments time after time on the Democratic side and angry, stone-walled belligerent arguments and accusations from Republicans time after time. You have to either be in on the financial reaping from the Republicans, or just too ignorant and uneducated to see how their plan affects you personally.

I was overcome with tears watching Sarah Palin supporters outside a rally, calling Obama a terrorist, yelling that he is Islamic and almost writing in anger while grumbling general hateful and wildly untrue statements, all fueled very obviously from catch-phrases and inaccurate accusations from Sarah, Cindy and John (who follows their lead). They utter these words with full knowledge that the 'dumb bunch' will follow suit and hold on to the words of wisdom from fellow narrow-minded people who wedged themselves into power positions.

Case in point, they throw stones at Barack Obama, a self-made lawyer and a faithful family man. However, they fully excuse John McCain's seedy womanizing past, a first wife he completely dogged out and then turned his back on. Let's not forget Cindy's pill-popping behavior is never mentioned (albeit praised) but Republican supporters are quick to tear down Michelle Obama, a working class girl who put herself through Princeton and Harvard. The reasons? She's intelligent and they don't understand what she's saying. Obviously, to anyone who is willing to acknowledge truth in comparisons, Cindy doesn't hold a candle to Michelle. Sure, Cindy has done humanitarian work... let's not forget... but dare I say that was probably by default? Anyone who has ever overcome addiction knows that they have to go through dreary times defining themselves and often find self-worth through volunteer work. One opinion could be that John probably ran around on Cindy not long after the fairy tale wedding period had worn off and the reality sunk in, she started medicating herself and came close to the edge of death - which she says John didn't even realize - and then in an effort to pull herself together, her family probably told Johnny Boy to shape up. He'd been an investment to the family by that time, and he'd have to start doing right by her. She went to rehab, did a bunch of those clandestine rejuvenation and spiritual awakening spas that are everywhere in Arizona and then decided to take a bunch of trips and help out the less fortunate to give herself purpose. I don't know that firsthand, but if you connect the dots, it doesn't really sound that far off.

Palin-McCain ticket supporters look the other way on this. Cindy is praised for overcoming a nasty addiction, although she had a privileged life full of education. John is praised for taking responsibility for being a dog for 20 years of his life, and the good ole boys secretly admire him. The blond hair and the white skin wash it all away. Barf.

Pardon me but the whole slogan-chanting doesn't feel American - it feels third world! The way campaigns are run speaks volumes about how the country will be run. The tactics that will be used to get Americans on board on bills and policies, the way the American people are thought of and how they are talked to by the administration and what the core values they have will come into play - and we aren't just talking abortion here. Painting themselves in the pro-life, Christian category is actually anti-American. America was founded on the fundamentals in creating choice, not bludgeoning others who don't follow scripture.

Even Colin Powell - who has most likely been offered the stars, sun and moon by the Right to endorse McCain/Palin - can't get behind the Republicans this term. He brings out the obvious good point: What's wrong with being Muslim in this country? He points out in a press conference how American Muslims from this country have fought and died in this specific war at tender ages of 20 and 21 protecting white guys like Joe the Plumber. He gave a beautiful explanation of his endorsement of Obama on 'Meet The Press' this past Sunday that only a complete fool could disagree with. Not surprisingly - but disgustingly - Rush Limbaugh and Juan Williams of FOX quickly played the race card, calling on the democrats (implicating Powell) to just admit it was because Obama is black. It was just so obvious to them! Perhaps it was the degree of intellectualism that scared Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. Williams; perhaps they will begin to deem Mr. Powell an 'elitist' because he's so smart and right-on! They wouldn't want anyone actually exposing the Republican agenda for what it is!

Spoken like a true racist! That's right, I said it. Those are racist comments, especially after the sound argument Powell makes for Barack. It would take an ignorant, white supremacist to undercut the reasons Powell makes for getting behind Barack due to race. It's nothing but a clear representation of the Republicans undermining the USA and the Founding Fathers' core values.

Quite honestly, whoever is not shocked at the behavior of these ignorant supporters can't call themselves American. No matter how many six-packs are in their fridge.