09/21/2010 01:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011


Over the last year, I've had thousands of conversations with voters across northern California. I've talked with farmers in the rural foothills of Calaveras county, and I've met with teachers in the city of Elk Grove, but wherever I go I keep hearing the same story: jobs are disappearing, schools are closing, and middle class families are struggling to get by.

Middle class Americans like you and me are being squeezed like never before, we're struggling - and we're angry. But we're not just angry with Democrats or Republicans. We're angry because our elected representatives are more interested in taking care of themselves, when they should be looking out for us.

Unfortunately, my opponent, Dan Lungren, epitomizes this self-serving behavior. In his last month as California's attorney general, Lungren accepted a 25% pay raise, which spiked the pension he receives from California taxpayers by over $11,000 every year. This is money our state should be spending on firefighters and teachers - not a lavish pension for a career politician.

That's why I urge you to sign our petition telling Dan Lungren to return the spiked pension money to California taxpayers.

Dan Lungren had a choice.   Instead of looking out for working families in northern California, Lungren chose to accept the pay spike.  Lungren chose to accept the increased pension.  And Lungren chose to do this at the taxpayer's expense.

I'm running for Congress because I believe in fighting for the forgotten middle class and getting this economy going again. But we can't bring the kind of change we need unless we all do our part, so sign the petition, and join our campaign today!