07/26/2010 03:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Post Office: The Logistics of Selling Pictures


So I seem to spend a lot of my time wrapping up paintings and getting shipping quotes. I went to the post office and listened to a nice man cooing to his sweetheart loudly on his cell phone. He had a funny, posh British accent, and from what I could gather he had just met this delightful girl. She was not feeling well and he was going to go over there and take care of her, possibly with soup. I think that they had just met.

After that, I had what would have been a comic conversation with the lady behind thick plastic glass -- had I not been late for an appointment and in dire need of a pee.

"You want ship to UK?" the lady with little sense of humor asked.


"But you want ship this to France?" she looked down at the puzzling box in her hands, "why not ship to same place?"

I have had all of my in-laws and my mum to stay for the past week. With two sofas full, a spare room and a blow up bed in the living room, there just wasn't enough room in my temper to be nice. I managed to call a potential client an ass -- oops. Can I blame that on being pregnant?

Miraculously, the buyer was understanding -- wow. I still needed to get a quote to send a large painting to Florida. $300 with UPS and over $400 from FedEx; I was gob smacked and slightly dubious when the lady with no sense of humor from behind the thick glass window returned with of a quote of $13.50.

Back to the studio tomorrow, I cant wait...

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