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Amy Chan
Amy Chan is luxury travel communications expert by day, and a relationship columnist by night. A former luxury hotel reviewer who traveled over 200 days out of the year, she is always in the know of the best places to stay, eat and play. She is also the founder of the relationship and personal development magazine, . She volunteers as a Director of Marketing Outreach for TEDx Vancouver.

Entries by Amy Chan

6 Lessons Learned at Burning Man

(0) Comments | Posted September 18, 2015 | 2:23 PM

If you asked me a year ago if there'd ever be a day where I would be sporting LED light clothing braving dust storms in the middle of a desert -- all while not having washed my hair for a week, I would have laughed. But in 2015, I set...

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5 Luxe Gifts for the Ultimate Jetsetter

(0) Comments | Posted August 25, 2015 | 12:19 PM

Stuck on what to get the road warrior who has it all? Here are some gift ideas guaranteed to provide what globetrotters desire the most: time, convenience and a good night's sleep.

Noise Eliminating Smart Earplugs
Literally music to your ears, the world's first smart earplugs are set...

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A Girl's Guide to Surviving Burning Man in Style

(4) Comments | Posted August 20, 2015 | 12:09 AM

As a former luxury hotel reviewer, I never thought that I could ever survive the extreme conditions of Burning Man, a week-long festival in the middle of Black Rock desert. But this year, something was calling me to the playa. Burning Man is a welcoming event where judgements are left...

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72 Hours in Puerto Rico: Where to Eat, Stay and Play

(20) Comments | Posted April 27, 2015 | 1:31 PM

Dubbed "The Island of Enchantment," Puerto Rico is the perfect quick getaway for East Coasters. It's only a few hours flight to white sandy beaches, glowing waters, an ever-growing restaurant scene, and a rich history with Spanish and American influences. No passport is needed for Americans, as the tropical islands...

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How Your Attachment Style Defines Your Love Life

(0) Comments | Posted April 26, 2015 | 9:44 AM

When someone gets close to you romantically, do you feel suffocated and try to push the person away? If so, you may have an avoidant attachment style.

Or perhaps when you start developing feelings for someone, you experience major anxiety when that person is not around. Not hearing from the...

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The Conversation That Harms Women

(8) Comments | Posted February 27, 2015 | 2:36 PM

Photo by Natalia Anja for Raw Beauty Talks, no makeup, no photoshop campaign.

Over the weekend, I went to a party to watch the Oscars. As the different actresses and actors came up on stage, I overheard the commentary from other people watching, which consisted mostly of comments...

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Top 5 Coffee Shops in New York You Must Try in 2015

(9) Comments | Posted February 2, 2015 | 10:58 AM

Happy Bones. Photo by Amy Chan.

Upon moving to New York, I thought the best way to get to know the city was to discover the different coffee shops in the various neighborhoods of Manhattan. I set out to try a...

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10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself in 2015

(0) Comments | Posted January 2, 2015 | 3:19 PM

It's that time of year where we swear to ourselves that we'll finally hit the gym, reduce our carb intake and spend more time with the family. Unfortunately, our deeply engrained habits often supersede our good intentions, and we fall back into the same old habits eventually. In fact, according...

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48 Hours in Paris: Where to Eat, Stay and Play

(0) Comments | Posted November 18, 2014 | 4:16 PM

Two days is surely not enough time to even scratch the surface of this city of buttery-rich French cuisine and romantic sites. But if you only have a short span of time, here are my top picks on where to eat, stay, and play.


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I Got Rejected... And This Is What Happened

(0) Comments | Posted June 26, 2014 | 3:28 PM

Article originally appeared on

When it doesn't work out with someone, it's common to think, "What's wrong with me?" You self-diagnose that there must be something you messed up in the dating dance. Perhaps you said the wrong thing, appeared too eager,...

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Single. Alpha. Female.

(4) Comments | Posted June 4, 2014 | 4:43 PM

Article originally posted on

You're making six digits and have the designer wardrobe and trendy apartment to show for it. You're owning your corporate game with a CV that would make any recruiter salivate.

You date endlessly, but the outcome is always the same: a handful of...

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11 Zeichen, dass Sie es mit einer Frau zu tun haben - und nicht mit einem Mädchen

(0) Comments | Posted May 30, 2014 | 11:26 AM

Es lässt sich nicht leugnen, dass es ein paar fundamentale Unterschiede zwischen Männern und Frauen gibt. Von der Art und Weise, wie wir sozialisiert sind, bis hin zu den chemischen und hormonellen Unterschieden, die von der Natur bestimmt sind. Trotzdem würde dieser Text über den Unterschied, Frauen oder Mädchen zu...

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A Weekend In Vancouver -- Where to Eat and Stay

(0) Comments | Posted April 14, 2014 | 5:40 PM

Vancouver is known for being a cultural melting pot, which can also be translated into the perfect hub for foodies. The amount of Asian-fusion restaurants and charming brunch spots can be overwhelming, so I have picked out the some of the top spots for where to eat and stay.


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Forget Resolutions -- This Year I'm Making a Daily Contract With Myself

(33) Comments | Posted December 30, 2013 | 8:02 AM

I've never been big on New Year's resolutions. Setting grand, lofty resolutions only to be forgotten weeks into the year may be well intended, but for the most part, are ineffective.

I am a true believer that it's the small, everyday changes we make that collectively result in great change....

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You're Not Happy, You're Distracted

(6) Comments | Posted December 19, 2013 | 2:47 PM

This year, I uprooted from Vancouver and moved to California in order to further pursue my career. I went from having a community of friends, family and colleagues that I spent 31 years of my life building, to a city where I had zero friends, zero reputation, and zero invites...

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Les 11 différences entre sortir avec une fille et une femme

(9) Comments | Posted November 1, 2013 | 2:34 PM

J'ai récemment écrit un post sur "les 11 différences entre sortir avec un garçon et avec un homme". Si on faisait la même chose avec femme et fille, beaucoup de ces remarques seraient encore valables. Cependant, on ne peut pas nier qu'il y ait quelques différences fondamentales entre...

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Les 11 différences entre sortir avec une fille et une femme

(0) Comments | Posted November 1, 2013 | 10:39 AM

J'ai récemment écrit un post sur "les 11 différences entre sortir avec un garçon et avec un homme". Si on faisait la même chose avec femme et fille, beaucoup de ces remarques seraient encore valables. Cependant, on ne peut pas nier qu'il y ait quelques différences fondamentales entre...

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The 11 Differences Between Dating A Girl And A Woman

(406) Comments | Posted October 29, 2013 | 1:55 PM

Recently, I wrote a post on "The 11 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs. a Man." The post can have the genders swapped and most points would still apply. However, we can't deny that there are some fundamental differences between men and women -- from how we are...

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A Weekend in Berlin - Where to Eat, Stay and Play

(0) Comments | Posted September 20, 2013 | 2:25 PM

With only three days in Berlin I had a whirlwind experience eating great food and experiencing their rich culture and history. It was clearly evident that this city never sleeps. Here are just a few recommendations on where to eat, stay and play:


Dudu $

What a relief to...

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A Weekend in San Francisco - Where to Eat and Stay

(6) Comments | Posted August 6, 2013 | 3:40 PM

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite places to visit. The charming city is known to be one of the food capitals of the world, and for good reason. Here are my recommends on where to eat and stay:


B. Patisserie $

Opened earlier this...

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