02/07/2007 03:28 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Apple Of My Chaos

Today was just one of those days where the phone never stopped ringing and no matter who it was on the other end, they all wanted something. It was an endless barrage of " I hate to bother you but" phone calls. After about 53 of those today I couldn't help but feel a little "spent". By 6 PM I was ready for a "do-over day". I'm thinking I was feeling the effects of my left hand Georga going on a field trip today and leaving me to beat off the insanity of the day by myself.

After a fabulous day of crap, I then ended it all with a phone call from the new health care agency I hired for my daughters care telling me they cannot provide her with any PT or OT they promised after I fired my last agency, lets just say I was like a sore thumb and maybe a burnt middle finger also.

I have to remember that not everyday is sunshine, flowers, and songs about everything going my way.

But at the end of the day when all the BlogTalkRadio business was put to bed, I was able to climb the 200 year old mahogany stairs that need to be refinished (add it to the list) up to the bedrooms and I was reminded why my life means something in this crazy world.

I had grabbed an apple on my way up and took a bite as I hit the upstairs hallway, I turned into the girls playroom and Christiana was lying on her little floor couch watching TV, she looked up at me and said, "is that delicious?" I said, do you want to try? Christiana has never eaten an apple, she could never get enough strength behind her bite to eat one and always choked on them if I gave her cut up pieces. I handed over the apple and she proceeded to bite into it and started to eat.

A big smile on her face, as she must have been looking at me grinning like a loon, she said, "It is delicious".

That is what made me decide, I didn't want a do-over, every moment of my day led to that very moment.

She ate three quarters of that apple and is now sleeping on the bed next to me.

Life is good.

Tomorrow I let a few calls go to voice mail and let Georga knock a few out of the park.

(all adjectives are dedicated to my favorite boss, Alan Levy ;0)