5 Covered Bridge Festivals This October

10/04/2011 09:44 am ET | Updated Dec 04, 2011

If covered bridge festivals aren't a key part of your fall repertoire, here's your chance to change things up a bit.

For over 200 years, covered bridges have been inspiring onlookers in America. As a rich part of America's landscape, these bridges are painted, photographed and celebrated at festivals across the country.

Beyond enjoying status as beloved Americana, the bridges serve a functional role as well, their roofs provide protection from the elements and even a bit of privacy to those inside; it's no coincidence they have received the nickname "kissing bridges."

The festivals are an opportunity to buy some crafts, try some tasty treats and breathe in the outdoors in a scenic place while enjoying the crisp fall weather. Here are five covered bridge festivals going on in the month of October.

Covered Bridges Celebrated at Festivals in October