03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Join Arianna And Carl Honore In A Live Discussion on "In Praise Of Slowness"

As we're wrapping up our time talking about Carl Honore's "In Praise of Slowness", Arianna's first pick for the Huffington Post book club, I'm thinking about the two lives I lead--one as a book editor at Penguin and the other as the Books editor at HuffPost--and how my concept of "slow" has changed since I started working in the Internet.

In one life, I have long phone conversations, lunch dates, office visits and take vacations. I have an office with a door, a couch and a view of the Statue of Liberty. In the other, there is an open room with rows of tables, lots of commotion and tremendous camaraderie, inspiration and collaboration. I've gotten so caught up in the excitement, that for me, the phone call is the new lunch date, an office visit is the new business trip and editing a manuscript on my chaise lounge is the new vacation at the beach. In a long phone conversation with a blogger, I reminded him that we'd already had coffee and dessert.

When I mentioned this to Carl Honore, he said, "You must be reading my pieces with gritted teeth. At least you have a chaise lounge. That's by nature a 'slow' piece of furniture." I guess I didn't completely flunk slowness, but it seems like I barely squeaked by with a D-. That's just me being an adrenaline junkie--not HuffPost, because if you look at how people have unplugged and recharged across the site, you'll see quite a different philosophy: Unplug and Recharge: "In Praise of Slowness" Inspires HuffPost Community and Take a Deep Breath... And Join the Slow Movement. Not to mention Arianna is forever telling us to get more rest.

It's been great having Carl contributing on creativity, food, sex, dispensing wisdom for the last month on how to carve out moments of calm and ease in this frantic world. If you missed any of his work, scroll down for the links. You'll love what he has to say and we'd love to hear from you with your reactions.

And you're going to have a chance to express them. Thursday, November 19th at 3pm Eastern, we're having our first live event on Huffington Post Books. Arianna will be hosting a video chat with Carl Honore and HuffPost readers to talk about the book and what we've all been doing to bring "slowness" back into our lives. You'll have a chance to ask questions and if you have a webcam and a good question, you might just be broadcast on the event as well.

So look at the book, and the discussion that's been taking place across the Huffington Post site. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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