Ten Hot iPhone/iTouch Apps for Moms

03/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You do realize, right, that your iPhone or iTouch (or the one you're thinking/dreaming of getting) can do like a bazillion things you will never need to use or know how to work? Still, it's easy to rationalize pumping it up with more apps that are tailor-made to your (and your child's, who seems to share your phone) needs, especially since so many are free or pretty darn close to it.

There are apps to count your calories, count your money or teach your kids how to count. Apps to spit out grocery lists, occupy children during wait times (at doctor's office, in line at restaurants, etc.) or to lull your colicky baby to sleep. There are Facebook and Twitter apps so you can keep in touch when you're out and about. We could go on (and on) but instead have decided to just give you the latest top ten iPhone apps we're loving that make being a mom just a little easier.

1. Kids ID ($3.99) - For a "just-in-case" moment, download your child's photo and input their vital info like name, age, hair color, eye color, height, weight and other identifiers like braces or pierced ears. Info can be show to or sent directly to officials if a child gets lost. If you're chaperoning a field trip or a party, you can add a few guest children in case anyone wanders off.

2. News Junkie ($.99) - Who has time to sit down to hear what's happening in the world let alone read a newspaper cover to cover? This app combines 61 news sources (you can add and delete to customize too), from Newsweek, CNN, and WSJ to OMG!, People, and E! Online -- you'll definitely be in the know.

3. Jott (Free) - When your hands are busy (holding someone else's, carrying backpacks, tying shoes), this app lets you voice record whatever task comes to mind. Perfect for a multi-tasking mom, you can make a new list or add it to an old and cross it out when completed.

4. Save Benjis (FREE today or $.99 regularly) - For the ultimate bargain shopper -- or a mom who wishes she weren't wasteful but doesn't have the time to comparison shop. This app lets you compare items and online stores with brick and mortar locations. Say you're at the indy toy store in town but want to see if your little guy's must-have robot sells for less at -- this app will tell you. Meanwhile you're getting some hands-on browsing done (for quality control, color choice, etc.) but not paying the surcharge.

5. Scribble Lite (Free) - Forgot the drawing pad for your kid and the wait at the restaurant is out the door? Hand over your iPhone and let him use his fingers to scribble, draw, and create until it's time to be seated.

6. Showtimes (Free) - With Hollywood catering to the kids, there's typically some new flick out that's a must-see. When the mood strikes and you're out and about and away from your computer, this app gives you local theaters, listings and times. If you were savvy enough to plan ahead of time, but then plans and your location changed (as it often does), Showtimes lets you input another location to find theaters and times anywhere. The app provides Google maps so you can find your way to the theater right before the opening trailers roll.

7. Emergency Radio ($2.99) - Becoming a mom makes us neurotic (if we weren't before) about safety. Couple that with this sometimes crazy world, and why not have over 2,800 live police, fire, EMS, air traffic, weather and other emergency frequencies at our fingertips?

8. Food Scanner ($.99) - Whether you need to lose the last of the baby weight or are just trying to be conscious of what you're consuming, count your calories when you're buying food at the grocery store or when you're eating at home. Use the camera on your phone to scan the bar code and this app will keep a running total of your caloric intake -- they have more than 200,000 foods in inventory so you'll likely find what you're eating. If not, you can add the product to your phone by inputting or scanning the bar code and saving it for next time.

9. 4 ingredients ($3.99) - Maybe it's that you're not big on cooking, have barely anything in the house or no time to run out. Maybe you just have very picky eaters, no matter. This app has over 400 recipes that call for only four ingredients each.

10. White Noise ($1.99) - Sometimes babies need a little help falling asleep and since nap time/bedtime is your to-do time, you can't always rock them to sleep (oh, and yes, they do need to manage that trick on there own eventually anyway). Sometimes some good old-fashioned "white noise" (air-conditioner, vaccuum cleaner, ocean waves, chimes, clock, wind and more) works as well as a lullaby. Good for insomniac moms, too.

Btw, a Posh Mom app with all your must-know info is in the works too.

Dish with us: What are your must-have apps?