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Top 10 'Parents are Around' Code Words

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We used to lock ourselves in our rooms to conduct private phone calls. Our kids will chat and text right in front of our faces--but that doesn't mean we know what they're saying. In fact, most times if we're nearby they have texted their friends clues that we're on the prowl so any touchy topics have gone covert until we're out of earshot or at least visual range. Here some warning codes kids tell others that mom and dad are lurking:

1. AITR--Adult in the room
2. CD9--Code 9 - parents are around
3. KPC--Keep Parents Clueless
4. MOS - Mom over shoulder
5. POS - Parent over shoulder
6. PAW - Parents are watching
7. P911 - Parent alert
8. PAL - Parents are listening
9. PRL - Parents are listening
10. PIR - Parent in room

Dish with us: Do you check your kid's chat, text, and email histories?

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