05/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Music Education Rocks

March is National Music in Our Schools Month

Enduring your children's practice sessions (singing, instrument, theory, even dance) and sitting through hour long school concerts may sometimes make you feel like a saint -- not only because sometimes the ear assaults can be quite jostling, but also because encouraging music in their lives really is a good thing.

March is National Music in Our Schools Month, which is a nationwide program to recognize and showcase music curriculums in schools and to give kids a chance to show off what they've learned (both inside and outside the classroom). It is also a chance to show community leaders why not to target the music department programs in budget cuts. Sure, the economy is squeezing everything and everybody, but the benefit of music is proven to be a key part in our kids' development and learning.

Studies show that:

1. Kids think music is fun (and since geometry, well, is not, we need to encourage fun learning too)
2. Students who are exposed to and study music become better math and science students and earlier readers.
3. Elementary schoolers who took music lessons scored almost 50% higher on spatial testing than those not taking music.
4. Music students showed increased levels of self-esteem.
5. Students who take an instrument receive more academic awards and honors than those who don't.
6. Constant juggling of tones, tempos, rhythm, and more proved later to help brain train organization skills.
7. Junior high/high school kids who took band or orchestra showed lowest use of drug and alcohol use
8. Colleges like musical instruments on applications--it's never to early to boost your kid's qualifications!
9. Studying music teaches discipline.
10. Playing a musical instrument or appreciating music can relieve stress.

Plus, after a while, no ear plugs are necessary. It just sounds good to have music in the house.

Dish with us: Do you or your kids play a musical instrument?