Help Us Break a Vital Story

11/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

James Nachtwey won the TED Prize in 2007 because of his amazing work as a war photographer -- he's gone to Northern Ireland, the Sudan, South Africa, Afghanistan, all over the world to shoot wars and human rights crises. He captures human suffering in order to expose the world to what's going on, believing that once they identify with the subjects of his photographs they will no longer accept the unacceptable. When Nachtwey heard about a crisis in Romanian orphanages, and couldn't find an editor who'd send him there to cover it, he paid his own way to shoot the story -- knowing that when the world saw his photographs, it would make a difference for the children trapped in the situation.

On Friday, he's hoping to do this again. For the past year, Nachtwey has been shooting a vital story that affects the world. When he won the TED Prize in 2007, he wished for us to help him shoot it -- and then to break the story in a way that shows the power and potential of news photography in the digital age.

 We're asking bloggers around the world to help make this wish come true this Friday, October 3. On our bloggers' page, you can find site badges and video to add to your blog, to share this breaking story with your readers. 

Nachtwey's powerful photographs of this developing crisis will be simultaneously revealed online, disseminated through numerous media channels, and projected on public buildings throughout the world. Visit to find where the photographs will be projected live, or to find the code to embed Nachtwey's wish video. On October 3, these site pages will redirect to a brand-new site where the story will be revealed. We're hoping that the world will join in making Nachtwey's TED Prize wish come true.