06/21/2011 03:04 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

Searching for the TED 2012 Prize Winner -- With Your Help

Each year we award the TED Prize to an exceptional individual who is making a difference in the world -- and we grant this recipient one wish. This isn't just an ordinary wish, but a wish that allows them to dig deeper, activate people across the globe, and truly change the world.

From Bono and Bill Clinton to Karen Armstrong, Sylvia Earle, Jill Tarter, and this year's winner JR, our wishes are engaging people on every continent.

Now, we are looking for the TED 2012 Prize winner -- and just as our TED Prize wishes necessitate global participation, we need global input to find the next recipient.

We want this person to be someone whose work and ideas could foster global participation -- someone who can make a wish that lets everyone participate.

If you know someone who could fill this role, no matter where they're from, I encourage you to nominate him or her.

What each TED Prize winner receives: $100,000 along with the resources and dedication of the remarkable TED community. Members of this community literally work with the winners to build their wishes and transform ideas into change. It goes from a person on stage throwing an idea into the world, to people literally stepping up and making the seemingly impossible happen.

TED has helped past recipients start a food revolution, spur a global art project, invest in the future of our oceans, and empower Earthlings everywhere to search for cosmic company.

As these TED Prize wishes continue to unfold, help us uncover the next remarkable TED Prize winner so we can keep changing the world in new and unexpected ways.