02/27/2014 11:51 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2014

Know Your Worth

What do you want your legacy to be? Loaded question... I know. What mark have you left on your family or within your community? What beneficial relationships -- personal or professional -- have you established? What do you have to offer this world?

The answers to the previously mentioned questions can change during various seasons and chapters of our lives. What you as an individual must stand firm on is the value and benefit that you bring to any relationship. If you are a business owner, do your employees follow your lead because they respect your work ethic and know that you not only effectively delegate responsibilities, but you are also ready and willing to complete any task, grand or nominal, for the sake of growing your company? If you are an employee within a company, do your co-workers value your feedback because you are an excellent listener and a great team player? On the other hand, you may prove to be a motivator who consistently offers an encouraging word to individuals who need a morale boost in the work place.

Think -- if your family, friends, and co-workers had to use just one adjective to describe your value to your relationship with them, what do you think that adjective would be? Honest self-reflection is necessary both personally and professionally because it forces us to re-evaluate our current habits and practices, thus challenging us to become better human beings today than we were yesterday.

So the next time you muster up the courage to ask your supervisor for that raise or promotion that you desire, go with a plan. Possess so much confidence in your skill set that you will make your supervisor, or any other individual in the position to assist in the progression of your career, advocate to others on your behalf. If you are a business owner, be able to boldly and effectively sell the strength and potential of your business to that investor who can provide you with the financial capital that you need to take your company to the next level. You have the skills that you need... just be fearless enough to ask for what you want.

In the journey of discovering your worth, always remember to be a resource to others and in return, the individuals that you assist will bend over backwards to further assist you. When you know your worth and what you have to offer this world, your gifts and talents will be unmistakable and people will naturally gravitate toward you. After all, great minds think alike and everyone wants to be associated with greatness. Become that person that people want to follow today!