01/16/2014 03:33 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2014

The Creative Mind

We are not one dimensional beings -- so why do we often live our lives in this manner? It is a new year. We have new goals, new dreams, a new perspective on life. Why not conquer all of our fears and indulge in our true desires?

In our society, the creative mind is not given the proper attention to cultivate and inspire. Instead we live in a world that moves so fast that we often become machines, moving routinely and methodically through life. Our days start to feel the same because we are not being challenged. Our motivation shifts from living a fulfilling life to working simply to make a living so that we can survive. Thus, we are not living, just existing.

Today, I challenge you to tap into your creative mind. Genetically, we all have it -- a left side and right side of our brain. The left side of our brain is the practical, analytical side while the right side of our brain is the creative, idealistic side. Make a conscious decision to actively engage in more right brain activity. Start making the types of decisions that force you to take risks that bring you closer to pursuing your dreams.

I never render advice that I do not follow, so here is a personal example of my decision to actively engage in more right brain activity. I am an attorney, and generally speaking, attorneys are perceived to be practical, analytical, risk-adverse individuals who employ a very structured way of thinking when resolving an issue. While I possess those characteristics, when needed, my actions have often gone against the grain of my profession. I consciously chose to abandon the propensity to be risk-adverse when I moved to another state with no job and started my own law practice with the aspiration to work with start-up companies and individuals within the-entertainment industry. I craved creativity and innovation so I made a decision to immerse myself in it. Although there were many unknowns, I chose to step out on faith and take a journey that could change my life -- and it has.

Because I decided to satisfy my innately creative and curious mind, I have in turn learned so much about myself and the human ability to be resilient. Entertaining my creative mind has proven to be challenging, yet fulfilling. Although I often do not know what lies ahead, with open arms, I welcome the challenge.

Right now, ask yourself, "What would I do today if money was not an object and I was not concerned about what others thought of my decisions?" Once you arrive at an answer, explore that dream or desire and watch the dynamics of your life and your mindset change forever. I wish you the best in what I know will be a life changing exploration!