10/19/2009 12:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Building The PowerwomenTV Brand: A Video Sneak Peak

When I set about selecting women for my show, PowerwomenTV, I knew what I was looking for: women who were smart, driven, open and looking to live their authentic truth, which translated into following their dreams.

The women I selected for PowerwomenTV have guts. They have a vision, and they have passion. They take risks, they believe in their ideas and they have the confidence to follow through on them. They are women in business and women entrepreneurs who look fear and doubt in the face and stare it down.

What I knew was, these bold, strong women spoke to me. I was drawn to them and I was willing to bet others would be too. What I didn't realize at the time was that what I was doing was building a brand -- the PowerwomenTV brand.

I had my fill of watching reality television programming that glorified women with 500 pairs of shoes and thousands of dollars worth of hair extensions. I was disappointed (but not surprised) to learn recently that a woman's network had announced they were devoting an entire channel to weddings and the "drama that ensues when planning one". Really? An entire channel devoted to weddings and drama?

After spending six months interviewing women about their careers and life choices it became very clear to me that what we see on television does NOT reflect what today's women care about or focus on.

Women's television programming needs a serious overhaul.

So, I have decided that the PowerwomenTV brand would do just that ... turn women's programming on its head. It's a place for counteracting the vapid images of women that are broadcast around the world and their glorification of bad behavior, materialism and everything that goes along with it.

It is time for women's reality television to GET REAL.

With that being said, I am stepping forward with the show called PowerwomenTV. It's the series that lets women know there IS a place to go to be inspired, to get real, to learn from women who are leading lives of empowerment. It's a place to see yourself, and women just like you.

You can check out the PowerwomenTV Sizzle Reel here:

Feel free to email me at if you'd like to pitch a powerwoman for the series!