From Belief to Reality

07/15/2011 04:13 pm ET | Updated Sep 14, 2011

"It is not what you know when you start that matters. It is what you can learn as you go along. When you are starting something new and challenging, always think, 'Can do.' Your capacity to do anything is simply a state of mind." - Donald Trump

For the next few months I'll be blogging here about training and the experiences I have as I walk across CT, CA, and ultimately prepare for Walk4Water's walk across Africa. This will include updates on how training is going, funny stories about things that happen along the way, and inspirational stories about other people that I might meet.

So far in being a part of Walk4Water, the quote from Donald Trump above represents much of this process for me. Already, I've learned SO much as I actually take some of the tools I learned in school and apply them to real life, and as I push myself out further than I ever have before, physically and mentally.

Oftentimes we hold ourselves back because we're afraid, or we think we will fail, or we simply stop when we don't think we can go any further. That's why I like what Donald Trump says, that "Your capacity to do anything is simply a state of mind." That is so true -- and something we emphasize a lot at Walk4Water.

Walking 140 miles across CT or 7,000 miles across Africa isn't just a physical challenge, its even more of a mental one. Training for us doesn't just mean, "okay, go walk as far as you can today!", it means finding ways to push ourselves to do things we fear, or push to go farther, faster, than we thought we could. Because, a lot of the time, it's not that we actually "can't", we CAN, we have to simply have to believe it, and believe it enough to turn it into reality.

This post originally appeared on Manchester Patch.