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André St. Clair
André St. Clair, aka André St. Clair Thompson, is America's Gender NonConFormist interdisciplinary artist, speaker and activist. Black, gay, of working class upbringing, and a new American citizen from Jamaica, he is interested in promoting cultural and aesthetic diversity of viewpoints, experience and expression for the realization of equality. He goes by "he," but takes "she" as a compliment.

St. Clair holds an Honors B.A. in Sexuality and Society from Brown University, where he found his voice after being disowned for being gay during his freshman year. Since graduating from Brown in 2005, he has earned an MA and and MFA, respectively in Performance Studies from New York Univeristy/Tisch School of the Arts and in Acting from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Gender and sexuality continue to shape his work.

He captures his coming of age and coming out in his contribution to the award-winning anthology "For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Still Not Enough," edited by CNBC contributor Keith Boykin. You can view some of St. Clair's performance work at

Entries by André St. Clair

Hip Hop's Mister Cee's Legitimate Love for Women

(19) Comments | Posted September 21, 2013 | 7:42 PM

As a gender nonconforming male, I face many of the same struggles as transgender women. Gender nonconformity is one of the many manifestations of transgender identity. The spectacle surrounding the sex scandal of Hot 97 hip hop DJ Mister Cee sheds light onto society's misconceptions of transgender women and those...

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