Red-state Residents Buy the Most Online Porn

04/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I wonder how pill-popping Rush Limbaugh would explain this: a new study out of Harvard Business School finds that red-staters buy more online porn than their blue state compatriots.

Jason Cochran breaks down the findings for

A Harvard Business School assistant professor who had access to customer receipts from dozens of adult websites found something titillating: The more conservative and religious a state is, the more likely its residents are to buy Web porn.

As someone who helps big companies like Microsoft and AOL with internet fraud, Benjamin Edelman, Ph.D., had access to two years of credit card data from 2006 to 2008 that included purchase dates and each customer's ZIP code.

Using that with existing demographics, he found that of the 10 states where porn is most consumed, eight of them gave their electoral votes to John McCain. Out of the 10 states with the lowest consumption, only four did.

And which state buys the most online porn? Utah! (Big Love writers, there's a storyline for you!) And which state buys the least online porn? Montana. Maybe they prefer the real thing. (I've seen Montana Senator Max Baucus in person; he's got this "I was Peter Fonda from Easy Rider in a former life" thing going on, not bad).

I love how extreme-conservatives blast liberals for being morally loose when they're busy getting their keyboards all sticky. To read more, check out Cochran's post here.