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VIDEO: Beat Stress with Movie Therapy

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I used to have a fear of clowns. (Thank you, Stephen King's It!) Then the other week I literally ran into a gang of clowns from Ringly Bros. Circus in New York's Grand Central Station while filming a video on stress-management for WalletPop and my mind is made up: clowns are friggin' fun.

And so's managing your stress with the help of Hollywood. We all have movies that speak to us, movies with messages, lines, scenes, and characters that inspire the road map for our lives. Movies are such a strong form of therapy that I really think President Obama should watch Casablanca, 300, and Air Force One on a regular basis to maintain his save-the-world mojo.

Yes, movies can be life changing: L'auberge espagnole, a vibrant French film I watched before graduating college, helped affirm my decision to become a writer.

Which films speak to you and why? According to Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert, identifying with films can be crucial to alleviating stress and inspiring positive action. We got this juicy tidbit while filming our video on stress management; movie therapy is just one of Debbie's sage tips on beating economically induced stress.

For more on Debbie and the clown bonanza, watch WalletPop's latest Loose Change video, Send in the Clowns, and read why we think these 12 movies will help you beat your money madness. Got laid-off or have a sucky job? We have a movie for you! Money therapy: cheap, simple, and you know it works, and how!

And finally, what movies do you think the President should watch to relax and keep things in perspective? Do you agree with our suggestions for him?

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