What's Your Tax Pulse?

11/17/2011 09:02 am ET

What would you give up for a year if it meant you didn't have to pay taxes? Sex? Chocolate? Celebrity gossip? A limb? Do you think Google should get into the tax business by redesigning those confusing forms? And has this filing season been harder than the last time around?

These are all questions in WalletPop's tax quiz. Out of a thousand respondents so far:

-39% think Google (over other design friendly companies like Ben & Jerrys and Ikea) should give confusing tax forms a much needed make-over.

-41% want to see Barack Obama's tax return over Warren Buffett's (27%) and Brangelina's (13%)

-28% said they would spend their tax refunds on paying bills

-52% called out Paris Hilton as the celebrity they'd least trust doing their taxes. She beat out tax-dodger Wesley Snipes and Jim Cramer.

There's more results and questions in WalletPop's tax quiz, so take your tax pulse.