09/06/2011 08:26 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Boot Crazy!

Let's be clear -- it's always fun to go shoe shopping, even during the final mark-downs at the end of the season (those are on SALE? YAY!) But by mid-August, around the same time I get sad that summer's almost over, a wave of excitement comes over me that it's time to buy boots again. My once free and easy sand-gripping, sandaled feet are now ready for something a bit more substantial, and let's face it, fun! Never mind that I own enough pairs of boots to get me through the next 50 fall/winter seasons, there's always something new to lust over. And that's what shopping is all about, right? So, in a perfect world, we'd all have the following:

High-heel ankle boots - (As high as you can go while still being able to actually cross the street with little effort) will (literally) lift you up even on those days when you have to wrap yourself up in three layers of sweaters and a parka. These, instead of something practical, will transform you from a suburban high school senior to an editor at French Vogue.

Knee-high classics - Fall-ify any skirt and make skinny jeans look cooler. Throw on a high-neck turtle, and you're very Ali MacGraw via Michael Kors.

Everyday walking boots - These can be sexy in their own I-can-actually-walk-in-my-shoes kind of way. Go for a simple, jodhpur style in a rich brown, black or camel.

Warm snow boots - Trust me, invest in a good pair of shearling or faux fur insulated boots so you can still feel somewhat cute while navigating the various snow-piles around the city. Duck boots are fun for about ten minutes until you spot the woman in the just-got-back-from-Gstaad après ski boots.

Over-the-knees - These are mostly for fun, but are actually somewhat practical since you are pretty much covered from the toes all the way up to your lower thigh. I love these with shorter skirts for those who aren't exactly knee-exhibitionists.

For more of my shoe picks head to eBay Fashion.