Top 5 Romance Enhancers

04/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Has your relationship fallen into a rut? Do you think it's too late to salvage what you once had with your partner? Please do not give up. Try the following tips to reawaken the passion in your love life. It can be done!

Focus on each other. Turn off the cell phones, pagers and home phones. Send the kids to a friend's house. And turn off the TV -- no sports, no soaps. Just you and yours. Use the time to talk, and hold hands. You'll be surprised how "alone"
time can help you reconnect with your partner.

Relive your first date. Try to re-create all aspects of that first time with your partner, whether it's going to the same restaurant or coffee house. Remember the anticipation of being with your partner for the first time? Consider why you wanted to spend time together in the first place. This can be a fun way to rekindle a dwindling romance.

Remember what first attracted you to your mate. What did you think when you first saw your mate? Did he/she have a certain spring to their walk? Was there a special smile? Was it something he or she said, or how it was said? Did you meet in a busy airport or train station and discover that you loved John Grisham thrillers? The things that initially attracted you to the person will always force you to remember why you're together and will help to re-center your life with your mate.

Flirt. It could be a sexy phone call, a note left on the pillow or a suggestive glance. Don't assume that your sweetie couldn't be wooed by you like the old days.

Get dolled up. Unfortunately as relationships age, we tend to neglect the little things that initially attracted our mate's attention. So take a little extra time at least once a week to spruce up your appearance. Women: Put on a little makeup or paint your nails. Men: Shave extra close and use some aftershave. Try wearing something other than sweatpants and T-shirts.

Remember, you have a stake in keeping "the bloom on the rose." Marriages and relationships do not sustain themselves; they must be carefully tended if they are to retain their blush. That means coming up with innovative ways to intrigue your mate, alleviate boredom and avoid anxiety.

Remind each other how important it is to try and retain the happiness you experienced when you first discovered each other and decided you just had to be together.

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