06/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Along For The Ride: FourStory goes to Cuba

If you want to read about the adventures of a group of Orange County writers and activists who decide to tool around Cuba for a week (under the guise of a company retreat!) read on.


But be advised that this is not your typical "company" -- not by any stretch. It's FourStory, a website that began as the brainchild of Jon Webb, a charismatic real estate developer turned non-profiteer, who rounded up a collective of sharp and funny writers to riff on an area of great concern to him: affordable housing.

If that sounds dry, believe me, it's anything but.

This madcap community of of mystery writers, columnists and bloggers ran with the topic and, according to site editor Nathan Walpow, "as time went on we added transportation and a decent environment and equal treatment under the law and anything else we could think of to shove under the umbrella of Fair Living for Everyone."

According to Walpow, they chose Cuba because it represented a society as far removed from the U.S. as they could get.


"We explored what people have to do there to acquire shelter. We wanted to see what they have to put up with to get around," Walpow continued. "See how the government provides for them (or not) and see how that plays out economically. Oh, and see about justice, too: social and legal."


So come with the FourStory crew to Cuba by following this link: