03/11/2008 07:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Citizen Spitzer

Am I the only person who can't stop thinking of Boss Jim Gettys in "Citizen Kane?" You know the scene: Kane is at the top of the stairs, standing in front of the love nest apartment he shared with Susan Alexander, screaming down at Boss Jim as he and Emily Monroe Norton Kane (looking oh so sad) descend the staircase. "I'm Charles Foster Kane," he yells, defiant to the end. Am I alone in imagining Joe Bruno going down those stairs with Spitzer's terribly wounded wife? There is something so old-school and operatic about this scandal, and I can't prove a thing, but to me Spitzer is someone classically tripped up by hubris, and Bruno is such a perfect recipient of Spitzer's delusion, that "Kane" seems to have sprung forward into real headline-grabbing life. This is throwback yellow journalism and there is almost a kind of nostalgia to it.