05/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Week in NFL Media, With Translation

The NFL is the most media-scrutinized league in the country, with every sound bite coming from players, coaches and owners blasted through the news for instant analysis.

Most of what is said, however, is said knowing it is there for public consumption. Thus, as a public service, here are comments from the week in the NFL, translated to what they mean:

Eagles coach Andy Reid; on the release of former first-round pick Shawn Andrews:

We appreciate the efforts and contributions of Shawn while he was in Philadelphia.

We wish Shawn made more efforts and contributions while he was in Philadelphia.

Andrews, tweeting in response to whether he will play again:

U bet chur sweet Bippy

If someone's going to pay me after my injuries and absences, you bet your sweet Bippy I'll play again.

LaDanian Tomlinson, on leaving the Chargers to join the New York Jets:

It was time to move on. That wasn't the type of team that benefited my style.

They told me it was time to move on and I should find another team that benefited my style.

Former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme, on signing with the Cleveland Browns:

I had to decide if I wanted to still try to compete or if I wanted to hold a clipboard.

I assumed I'd be holding a clipboard somewhere collecting my $13 million from the Panthers, but these guys are giving me another $7 million and a chance to start? I signed before they could change their minds.

Derek Anderson, new quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, on what he was told coming in about competing with Matt Leinart:

My job will be to push Matt and make him better, too.

My job will be to take over take over when Matt plays poorly.

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, on his team as a potential featured team for HBO's summer series Hard Knocks:

I've let them (NFL Films) know we're interested, and perhaps this will be the year

We need to get some more people following this team, even though we haven't made the playoffs. Let's let HBO sell us to the country, that's great free advertising.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, on losing the coin toss to decide who would host the first game at the Jets/Giants new stadium:

I was told that a coin toss had taken place at the League office and that the Jets had lost.

Anyone for Rock/Paper/Scissors?

Agent for San Francisco 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan, rumored to be leaving the team:

He has not resigned and has no plans to resign.

If he resigns, he won't get the rest of the money on his contract. If they want him out, they would have to terminate him (his contract, not him).

A report that Terrell Owens wants at least 5M to play this season.

Don't we all? It doesn't hurt to ask!