03/27/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Time to Saddle Up

What the Supreme Court's recent Citizens United ruling tells us is that the Right Wing has no principles, no morality, no ideas, and will do anything to destroy the Constitution and the idea of America.

Since that's what the Right Wing accuses liberals of, it follows that the Right Wing is a clutch of lying hypocrites only interested in power.

This may be no surprise, but last week's ruling, allowing corporations unlimited political spending, makes it clear that these folks believe they don't have to pretend anymore; they just don't believe in one of their touchstones -- the Original Intent of the Founders and the sanctity of the Constitution.

If they did, the entire tissue of lies written by Justice Anthony Kennedy would have melted on the page. Original Intent includes Original Meaning -- what the words of the Founders meant at the time. So when the First Amendment prohibited "...any law abridging freedom of speech..." in 1789, it couldn't have meant the civil rights of corporations, because said rights didn't exist in law until the Supreme Court said so in 1886; the Founders clearly meant actual human beings. Pretending otherwise is just one of the little tricks the Right uses to slip their phony "ideas" past the American People.

Another pretense is that they champion the Founder's ideas. If they did, they couldn't support the Citizens ruling; the Founding Fathers thought corporations were a danger to the Republic. In an 1816 letter, for instance, Thomas Jefferson said he hoped America would "...crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country."

In fact if the Right Wing believed in Originalism at all, they'd want to disband the U.S. Air Force -- the Constitution only mentions the Army and Navy. And they'd want to return the Louisiana Purchase to France, since Jefferson paid Napoleon the $15 million on his own authority, while the Constitution says only Congress can spend money.

Pretending they do believe is only one of the lies the Right Wing's used to get where it is today. There's little use trying to get its acolytes to believe it, though, any more than it's worth anyone's time believing said acolytes would reject the Right Wing canon in a flash of clarity, were they only brought to understand the error of their ways.

Right Wingers aren't interested in learning the error of their ways. I spent part of Friday talking with some about Citizens: They just conceded it was a bad thing, and reverted to their standard tactics -- claiming liberals are equally guilty, and then changing the subject by making some egregiously ignorant assertion about, say, how Liberals caused the Great Depression.

So if you're angry about this naked assault on the Constitution, don't even bother trying to make them understand that they and their leaders are responsible for it, or try to get them to denounce it. You're wasting your time.

Instead, do what they do: Play to the audience, denounce them in the strongest possible terms, call them liars and hypocrites to their faces for not denouncing Citizens, force them onto the defensive, make them prove they believe in what they say they believe in, and then tear that assertion to pieces. Tell them you want real answers -- not a meaningless exchange of slogans -- and hold them to it when they revert to slogans anyway. Demand they answer the question instead of changing the subject, and let everybody listening know what they're trying to do.

In a nutshell, stop trying to find common ground with these people. They don't think there is any, and they're lost in some fantasy of total victory over Liberalism. Just make them lose; if the Right Wing wants war, give them war.

Your average neighborhood Right Winger is lost in an alternate universe of phony premises and phony history, and they'll never abandon it. So keep in mind something the Toby Ziegler character once said on The West Wing: "We thought we could make them like us, but they're coming for us now, and it's time to saddle up!"