Antisocial Network Defacebook a Big Hit with Haters

08/01/2009 10:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Internet trend-watchers are tracking the explosive growth of Defacebook, a site that claims to be the first "antisocial network" on the Web.

"Our concept was simple," says Tracy Klugian, 21, who founded Defacebook out of his dorm room at Colgate. "You start off being friends with every person in the world and you gradually block people."

Mr. Klugian attributes the site's enormous growth to the fact that "we're appealing to a gigantic but under-served market on the Internet: haters."

Carol Foyler, a hater who lives in Westport, Connecticut, says she has been on Defacebook for a week and finds it "totally addictive."

"People say that they like to friend people, but really, nothing is more fun than defriending them," she says. More here.