Association with Jesse James Worries Neo-Nazis

04/01/2010 11:51 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) -- Recently published photos showing Sandra Bullock's straying husband Jesse James wearing Nazi regalia is "a public relations nightmare," according to prominent Neo-Nazis, who worry that the association with Mr. James may hurt the image of Neo-Nazis in an irreparable way.

"We definitely need to get ahead of this story," says Tracy Klugian, a Neo-Nazi who heads a watchdog group that monitors the portrayal of Nazis in the media. "When the public sees Jesse James dressed up as one of us, that's bad for the Nazis."

Mr. Klugian says that his group "needs to get the word out there that Jesse James' behavior is not typical of, nor is it condoned by, us Nazis."

He says that Mr. James' behavior "plays into the worst kind of Nazi stereotypes."

"I'm afraid that the takeaway for many people is that Nazis cheat on their wives with tattooed ladies," he says. "The fact is, if you want a loyal husband, you could do much worse than marry a Nazi." More here.