07/26/2009 09:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Biden on Obama: "Finally, Mr. Perfect Makes a Gaffe"

Just days after President Barack Obama stirred controversy with his remarks about the Henry Louis Gates case, Vice President Joe Biden said that Mr. Obama's troubles were "a cause for celebration for me, because I was like, finally, Mr. Perfect makes a gaffe."

The Vice-President said he has been silently seething as the President has slapped him on the wrist for a variety of gaffes in his first six months in office, "but now that shoe's on the other foot and I for one am laughing my ass off."

Mr. Biden said that he personally knew better than to comment on the Gates case, adding, "Trying to find something noncontroversial to say about race is like trying to find a 7-Eleven that's not run by a Pakistani."

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