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Bush Refuses to Read Cheney's Memoir, Calling It 'A Book'

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On a day when Washington was abuzz with the news that former Vice President Dick Cheney planned to publish a tell-all memoir, former President George W. Bush offered his personal reason for not reading it. 

"I have no intention of reading Dick Cheney's book," Mr. Bush told reporters, "because it's a book." 

Mr. Bush said he was "surprised" that Mr. Cheney was publishing a book that reportedly is critical of him because "if you're trying to communicate some criticism to me, a book is pretty much the last place you'd put it."

For his part, Mr. Cheney confirmed reports that his memoir will be ghostwritten by the author James Frey.

Elsewhere, in an official statement, John Edwards said, "There are two Americas, and I have children in both."

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