Enquirer Publishes Photo of Baby with $400 Haircut

08/08/2008 04:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Just minutes after former presidential candidate John Edwards admitted having an extramarital affair during the 2008 campaign, The National Enquirer published potentially explosive photos of an infant with a $400 haircut.

Even as Mr. Edwards denied fathering a love-child with a former campaign aide, the photos of the expensively coiffured tot raised fresh questions about his honesty.

Prominent haircut experts who have studied the Enquirer photos said that the resemblance between the baby's hairdo and that of the former North Carolina senator was striking.

"This is such a close match, I think it eliminates the need for a paternity test," said haircut expert Carol Foyler. "This would be a slam-dunk on 'Maury.'"

Ms. Foyler said there was only a "one in a million chance" that someone other than Mr. Edwards had fathered the child in the Enquirer photo: "The only other man who's wealthy enough to give his baby a $400 haircut is Donald Trump, and that baby would have a comb-over."

For his part, Mr. Edwards attempted to regain the high road, telling reporters, "I still believe there are two Americas, and I have had a sexual relationship in each of them."

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