03/13/2008 10:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ferraro: I Wish I Were a Black Man

Former congresswoman and Hillary Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro ignited another firestorm of controversy today with more explosive comments about race and politics.

"I wish I were a black man," Ms. Ferraro told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "That way, I could make all the racist comments about black men that I wanted to and no one would call me a racist."

Ms. Ferraro added, "As it is, being a white woman, when I make racist remarks about black men everyone accuses me of being a racist."

"This is why being a white woman totally sucks," Ms. Ferraro said.

The former New York congresswoman also said that she wished her middle name was 'Hussein,' explaining, "If my middle name was Hussein I'd be president by now."

While Ms. Ferraro's remarks would appear to be disadvantageous to the Clinton campaign, she does seem to be drawing support from one key voting bloc: lunatics.

According to a new poll of likely voters, Ms. Ferraro has the support of 60% of respondents who describe themselves as incoherent.

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