Maine Bans Same-Sex Oscar Hosts

11/04/2009 01:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

AUGUSTA (The Borowitz Report) - Voters in Maine turned out in record numbers yesterday to repeal a law legalizing same-sex Oscar hosts, throwing the plans for this year's Academy Awards into turmoil.

By banning the hosting of Hollywood's biggest night by same-sex couples, Maine made it illegal for this year's Oscar telecast, helmed by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, to be shown in the state.

"We believe that the hosting of the Academy Awards by a same-sex couple would destroy the sanctity of Oscar hosting," said Carol Foyler, a key activist who worked to repeal the Maine law. "If Baldwin and Martin are allowed to do this, who will host the Oscars next year -- a man and a horse?"

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