05/20/2007 07:50 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Next Week's News

The following is a forecast of next week's news, for the week of Monday, May 21:

Monday, May 21: President Bush will say that the American people agree with him on the NSA's wiretapping program, stating, "If they were having angry conversations about it, I would have heard them by now."

Tuesday, May 22: After planning the war in Iraq and running the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz will announce that he is "actively seeking" a new institution to fuck up. Mr. Wolfowitz will unveil a shortlist of fuckable entities including the International Monetary Fund, the Red Cross, and Belgium.

Wednesday, May 23: Responding to reports that iPods interfere with pacemakers, Apple will introduce a new mini device called the iPacemaker. Implanted directly into the chest cavity, the iPacemaker will enable the user to listen to music, play videos, and prevent cardiac arrhythmia. Only downside: unlike regular pacemakers, the iPacemaker needs to be recharged every seven minutes.

Thursday, May 24: Britain's Prince Harry will say that he wasn't afraid to go to Iraq, telling reporters, "Nothing I might see over there is as scary as Camilla."

Friday, May 25: In an official statement of remorse, David Hasselhoff will say, "I deeply regret giving my daughter that camcorder for her birthday."

Saturday, May 26: In a nationally televised debate, three out of the ten Republican candidates for president will say that they believe in the Easter Bunny.

Sunday, May 27: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will issue this official statement: "I, for one, can't believe I haven't been shitcanned yet."

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