Obama Posing Threat to Rock Stars, Rock Stars Fear

07/08/2008 11:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sen. Barack Obama's plan to deliver his acceptance speech for the Democratic presidential nomination at Invesco Field in Denver has stirred concerns among America's rock stars, who fear that the Illinois senator may have eclipsed them in popularity.

The nation's prominent rock acts, such as Aerosmith and Metallica, have been seething for months as they have watched Sen. Obama draw larger and larger crowds in venues where they used to rule the roost.

But the presumptive Democratic nominee's decision to address a crowd of 75,000 fans at Invesco was "the last straw," says singer Jon Bon Jovi.

Mr. Bon Jovi, the front man of the eponymous chart-topping rock act, says that he and other rock stars have seen millions of their fans abandon them in favor of the Illinois senator.

"If there are empty seats at our shows, they can be explained in two words: Barack Obama," he says. "Obama is the greatest single threat to rock 'n' roll since Napster."

Just last week, the Illinois senator drew a standing-room-only crowd at New York's Shea Stadium as part of his sold-out "Obamapalooza" tour.

"Yes, we can," he told the 80,000-plus crowd, who screamed with delight and held Bic lighters in the air, begging for an encore.

"I used to follow R.E.M., but now I'm into Barack," said Tracey Klujian, 34, one of the thousands of new Obama fans in attendance. "This dude is audacious."

Elsewhere, Mr. Obama's plan to speak at Invesco Field drew harsh criticism from his GOP rival, Sen. John McCain, who today spoke to an audience of thirty people at a retirement home in Dayton, Ohio.

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