Raw Toll House Health Warning Could Slow Consumption of Weed Cookies

06/20/2009 12:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Just-announced health warnings on raw Nestle toll house cookie dough are likely to throw a monkey wrench into the consumption of marijuana-laced or so-called "weed cookies," experts said today.

Tracy Klugian, 27, who has been involved in the consumption of weed cookies since his sophomore year at the University of Minnesota, said that he will still likely consume the product but will probably cook them first.

He said that adding the interim step of baking the cookies could add "literally minutes" to the weed-cookie eating process.

"The days of cracking open a tube of dough and smashing some weed in there and eating the whole thing without baking it are probably over," he acknowledged. "This is a very, very sad day."

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