05/27/2009 11:22 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sotomayor Opposed By Powerful Anti-Empathy Lobby

The Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor faces new hurdles today, in the form of pressure to block her confirmation from the powerful anti-empathy lobby.

H. Walker Ranston, executive director of the American Anti-Empathy League, said that his organization was going to "do a full-court press" to convince Republican senators to vote down Ms. Sotomayor.

"Sonia Sotomayor has repeatedly made statements indicating that she has a human heart," Mr. Ranston said. "That is the last thing this Court needs."

The lobbyist said that his group's 50,000 members were "deeply disappointed" by the choice of the empathic Sotomayor, explaining, "We were really hoping for a sociopath."

Mr. Ranston said that while he applauded the choice of a Latino for the nation's highest court, "there are certainly many Latinos out there with no empathy at all who could have been chosen."

The anti-empathy lobbyist said that President Obama should have named a nominee who renders decisions "with a robot-like absence of human feeling - like Scalia."

Looking ahead to her confirmation hearings, Mr. Ranston said that Ms. Sotomayor can expect a tough grilling in the Senate over her "suspiciously pro-empathy views."

"I'd like to say that I feel for her for what she's about to go through, but I'm incapable of that," he said.

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