01/20/2010 12:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Teabaggers Declare Independence from Spelling

BOSTON (The Borowitz Report) - Flush with victory over universal healthcare after Scott Brown's upset win in Massachusetts' special Senate election, members of the self-styled Teabagger movement have set their sights on a new target: spelling.

Calling spelling "a plot by the government to control which letters we put into words," the Teabaggers are organizing a massive Fourth of July rally in Washington D.C., calling the event "Independence from Spelling Day."

"For years, the government has been telling us the so-called 'correct' way to spell things," said rally organizer Carol Foyler. "We want to send a message loud and clear: Government, hands off our spelling."

Ms. Foyler said that Teabaggers were already creating misspelled signs for the July 4 rally, but she declined to estimate how big a crowd the event would draw.

"The only thing we Teabaggers hate more than reading and writing is arithmetic," she said. More here.