12/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

OMG, My 82-Year-Old Mother Just Friended Me On Facebook!

What do you do when your 82-year-old Jewish mother from Long Island sends you a friend request on Facebook? My first instinct is to take my laptop up to the roof and toss it off the building like an oversized Frisbee. Quickly. And cancel my Internet service. And never look back. My second instinct is to simply click "accept" and hope for the best.

So I wonder now just what my Facebook relationship with mom is going to look like. Will I be receiving embarrassing status updates like, "Mildred is rinsing her dentures now?" Or, "Mildred just had a nice glass of tea?" Or maybe I'm going to be invited to her senior citizen's rec-room parties, or be forced to read the results of her "Which Sex Symbol Am I" test. Oy.

Here's a very funny, and highly appropriate, video making the 'net rounds. It's about Twitter and why it's perfect for Jewish mothers. Perhaps it'll now apply to my Facebook life as well. Yeah, ma, I'm wearing my sweater......