Beyonce proves the "wardrobe malfunction" is back

06/26/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The wardrobe malfunction is back as new pictures of a newly raunchified Beyonce in a bikini prove. You can see them here.

Relaxing on a beach in Hawaii, the singer could have suffered embarrassment when the left strap halter-neck strap fell to one side and she showed more of her sandy charms than intended.

But Beyonce, 28, simply laughed it off. Do we detect a lossening up in her public image too?

Just over a week ago, she joined her husband at the Coachella Festival in Los Angeles to perform a duet.

As she took to the stage during his set to perform Forever Young, she shocked the crowd with her swear words T-shirt.

Is Beyonce trying to jazz up her good girl image? It certainly looks that way. Perhaps her fourth album, on its way after her break in Hawaii, may reflect an altogther raunchier Beyonce? What do you think?

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