05/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Is It Such a Big Deal That Sex-Bomb Carla Bruni Has Had Plastic Surgery?

Sexy first lady of France and sometime musician Carla Bruni has had extensive plastic surgery -- and boy are the press getting excited about it. You can see the pictures of her reconstructed face -- and compare it with her younger self -- here.

The reason the European media are going nuts over the 42-year-old's face is simple: she is a gallic sex bomb who could bring down the French Government. Rumours of infidelity are swirling around Bruni and her husband French President Nicholas Sarkozy. She is supposed to be seeing a much younger French musician. He is alleged to be consoling himself with a female politician.

And now it seems the stress caused by all this gossip is beginning to show.

An unflattering close up shot this week revealed the former model's once radiant face looking stretched and tight, her complexion dull and lifeless.

The photo has been shown to plastic surgery experts who agree: Bruni has had a lot of work done.

They say she has had a nose job, Botox injections, Collagen implants, lip and cheek filler.

This is good news to the baying media.

The once perfect and perfectly sexy first lady has been presented as the embodiment of Sarkozy's modernising rule and France's tres chic glamour. Now it appears she has feet of clay and a face of plastic.

Now wonder the sharks are circling. Everyone believed that Bruni -- who once admitted that monogamy "bored her" -- would make a fool of the President. But now it looks that she may get trashed too.

Politics is an ugly business, even if you are one of the beautiful people.