07/08/2012 07:22 am ET | Updated Sep 09, 2012

Wild Caribbean Horses Go Crazy For Mangoes (VIDEO)

VIEQUES, PR -- On this Manhattan-sized Caribbean island 9 miles off the eastern shore of Puerto Rico, hundreds of wild horses roam the beaches, streets and jungles.

The horses, a breed known as Paso Fino, are thought to be descendents of animals brought here some 500 years ago, by the Spanish Conquistadors.

The horses sustain themselves on the abundant tropical plants and grassy fields. During mango season, July and August, they enjoy they fruit which grow throughout Vieques.

Some residents and visitors gather mangoes to feed the horses where they tend to congregate, including the Sun Bay beach park.

Kathy and I gathered mangoes from our property and fed them. On this page is an unedited 3:30 video.

In other news about the island, Travel + Leisure magazine has named Vieques its favorite Caribbean island.