HealthiNation Finds Success in Targeted Syndication

11/07/2011 01:08 pm ET | Updated Jun 03, 2013

HealthiNation, a New York-based producer and syndicator of original health and medical videos for the Web, is the most widely viewed producer in its sector, having more than double the views of WebMD, according comScore's September Video Metrix.

(comsSore finds that AOL's 5Min is by far the biggest provider of health video. However, 5Min is a syndicator of other publishers' clips, whereas Healthination produces its own.)

We spoke with HealthiNation CEO Raj Amin about the company's approach to targeted syndication.  We also spoke about how the company maintains high advertising rates with targeted campaigns for pharmaceutical companies seeking targeted groups in need of specific medication.


 Andy Plesser

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