(VIDEO) Ebuzzing's Daily: We'll Be 30% Programmatic In Three Years

08/11/2014 02:25 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2014

Online video ad technology group Ebuzzing reckons nearly a third of its business will be made up from automated ad trading, as it increasingly creates private ad marketplaces with trading desks.

"We work with Xaxis, Accuen, Vivaki and these trading desks to build our specific, high-quality marketplaces," according to the company's north America GM Jim Daily.

"Our programatic side of the business is straight video units where you just need an MP4 or YouTube link to go live in 10 to 15 minutes... that business will shift subtly to programmatic over the next two to three years ... 30% programmatic and 70% managed serves in a year or two."

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